2020 Insurance Deductible Resets and You

It’s October, which means Halloween is around the corner, Thanksgiving menus are being planned, and some of us are checking our Christmas lists twice. Next thing you know, it will be 2021.


A new year sounds pretty good right about now, but don’t forget about 2020 just yet. Do you need to schedule a procedure before we ring in the New Year? Fiscal anxiety may have you avoiding your healthcare needs, but let us remind you that insurance deductibles often reset come January 1.


Please don’t wait until the very last minute to schedule procedures before we call it a year. Call your doctors’ offices now for consultations to get any last-minute 2020 surgeries underway. October is the perfect time to tie up looses ends. We may be creeping up to the last quarter of the year, but it’s just enough time to take care of your health with this year’s deductibles.


Let October be your month for adulting: make appointments, pay the bills, and talk with your insurance carrier. Once you have it all squared away, you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season without a care in the world. OK, maybe a few cares, but don’t let insurance deductible resets be one of them.

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