An Explosive (but Safe) Birthday Ahead!

It’s our nation’s special day, and nothing says “Happy Birthday, America” like a hot grill, a cool drink of something special, and fireworks. Americans love a light show in the sky, accompanied by loud bangs, and oohs and ahhs, but it’s important to remember firework safety before lighting up our annual sparklers.

We hear about it every year – be safe while using explosives. It seems like common sense, but during a celebration, safety habits can often be forgotten. This year, make it a point to review all safety precautions, and go over all of the rules with the kids as well. If you can implement a “safety first” rule in your household, you can rest a little easier this Fourth of July.

Adult supervision – Kids do the darndest things, so make sure an adult is present when kids are around during firework time. Remember, sparklers may seem innocent enough, but they involve fire, so make sure a responsible adult is around for what seems to be a benign sparkly treat.

Keep your distance – Back up a safe distance immediately after lighting fireworks. Be over-cautious. It’s OK to make “too much distance” between you and the explosive. If the wind changes directions, you’ll be happy you did.

Never point or throw fireworks at another person – Leave the roughhousing for another day.

Have a water source handy – Whether it’s a bucket of water or a garden hose, have some H2O near in case a rogue spark sets something aflame.

Give explosives space – Do not carry fireworks in your pocket or set them off in glass containers. This can be disastrous and cause bodily harm.

Leave duds alone – If a firework does not go off, leave it be! Do not try to reignite it. Give the dud time to sit, and then dispose of it responsibly.

Protect your ears – When setting off fireworks at close range, earplugs are a great idea to protect yourself and your loved ones. Babies and infants should also wear ear protection during spectacular fireworks shows as well.

Don’t forget the animals – Pets are extremely sensitive to loud noises. The Fourth of July is an awful holiday for our furry friends, so please make their lives as comfortable as possible. Keep them inside, and if you or a friend can be there to comfort them during the bangs and booms, it will help assuage their anxiety.

The bottom line is, have a great 4th. Celebrate America’s birthday safely, but don’t forget to also have a great time. Eat, drink, be merry, and explode with caution.

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