Cancel Your Concert

For some reason, many of my friends are suffering from summer ailments this year. Whether it’s a summer cold or incessant sneezing due to pollen, I have friends canceling social appointments because they just feel awful.

I am not one to get upset when a friend cancels on me. I understand that life gets in the way, and I appreciate the same consideration if I need a raincheck. What I do find to be interesting, however, is the fact that almost none of my friends call in sick to work when they are feeling miserable.


Is this an American thing? Our work ethic is so extreme that we deny ourselves a proper and comfortable place to rest and recuperate? I believe the answer to these questions is YES.

The news recently reported that Ariana Grande had to cancel shows while on tour due to a tomato allergy. She filled her social media with sincere apologies. You could tell that she was distraught to be leaving her fans in limbo. She expressed her disappointment and promised to reschedule as soon as possible.

I’ve always been curious about stars and their real lives. The lives that interfere with their job – to entertain us. At the highest level, they are paid millions of dollars to show up and make us smile, so I understand why canceling a show due to illness makes a celebrity feel overly apologetic. But every time I read about some mega-superstar who has to cancel a show, my initial feeling is worry. I sincerely hope that they and/or their family are OK. I’m sure if I had tickets to the show I would be a bit disappointed, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal for me because I’m not the one who is sick.

This got me thinking, and I propose a challenge. A challenge to us all. When we’re sick, let’s take a day or two if need be. Let’s allow our bodies and minds to rest for a bit. The work is not going anywhere, nothing will fall apart, and our colleagues will be OK. They want us to be well when we’re around them anyway. From this moment forward, be like Ariana Grande and reschedule your concert. Your fans will understand.

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