DIY St. Patty’s Day Celebration

According to the world, St. Patrick’s Day is canceled. Everything is canceled. Covid-19 has eliminated sports, concerts, rodeos, school, and anything else that requires human interaction. Does this mean that we should just give up our traditions? Should we stop doing all of the things that makes us human? 

As the Irish would say, “No!” (insert Irish brogue)

It may be too late to stock up on green paraphernalia for this year’s celebration, but here are some tips on how you and your family can still celebrate the luck of the Irish. Lord knows we all need a little.

  1. Still don the green. Kids love a theme dress, even if it’s confined to the house. As for negative Nellies in the house, you have free reign to pinch away.
  2. Hide the pot of gold. A younger crowd will appreciate some competition. Play Hide the Gold. Sure, you probably don’t have any gold lying around, and one should not go out in public, looking for candy coins, so think outside the box. What do you have lying around the house that could be metaphorical gold? Candy? A book? Good ole fashioned money? Pick a challenging hiding space and the kids will be occupied for hours.
  3. Support small businesses while you dine. Restaurants are shutting their doors to seated patrons but most are still serving for delivery and pick-up. Order out to feed the family. It doesn’t have to be Irish food, but if you want to keep with the theme, order a green meal. 
  4. Educate yourself! Create a free Duolingo account and learn some Irish phrases. Did you know that the word for woman is bean? Learn that and more!

Social distancing is challenging in today’s world. Sure, we are more connected than ever with the internet and smartphones, but when we’re forced to stay away from one another, we realize that being together is a precious privilege. Of course, this too shall pass, so while we wait, make the most of it.

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