Travel Angels

Posted December 12, 2019

The holidays are a challenging time for a plethora of reasons, but one of the most stressful situations this time of year is travel. Just thinking about security lines, short tempers, heavy luggage, and people coughing and sneezing in confined spaces is enough to make anyone draw the blinds, turn on Netflix, and ...

Artificial Tree vs. Real Tree: Which Is Better For Allergy Sufferers?

Posted December 10, 2019

What should you look for when purchasing an artificial tree? If your family decides to go the artificial route, we recommend purchasing a tree made of molded polyethylene instead of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Polyethylene, which is a type of moldable plastic, produces less off-gassing and better resembles ...

Cheers to the Holidays

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Posted December 2, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and boy do we feel it. Between social obligations, holiday traffic, and office sweets, December can also be described as the most stressful time of the year. Add on seasonal allergies, and you have yourself a perfect storm of feeling burned out. But not to worry. As long as ...

Thanskgiving Celebration

A Well-Prepped Thanksgiving

Posted November 25, 2019

Yesterday, I went into the mall and heard Mariah Carey’s melodic voice singing “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Thus, I was reminded that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Some claim the American (and Canadian) tradition is their favorite holiday while others dread every single minute of it. But the ...