Hear with Both Ears and Be Hands Free!

Introducing ConnectLine
Expanding on the Potential of BluetoothTM Connectivity

Wireless connectivity has opened up a world of possibilities for people with hearing loss. ConnectLine allows for clear wireless channeling of sound directly into both hearing instruments from TV, cell phones and standard landline phones. The result varies from clear hands free cell phone use when driving, to trouble free connection with the TV and home phone. ConnectLine makes using the phone possible for the first time for many hearing instruments wearers.

ConnectLine System

Core to the ConnectLine is Streamer, a small body device connecting your hearing devices to cell phones, landline phones, TV and other audio sources.


  • Hear with both ears for optimal listening on a landline or cell phone
  • Switch between home, cell, and TV with the touch of a button
  • Connect up to 8 devices – including MP3 players, computers etc
  • Enjoy an energy efficient system – no additional battery drain to your hearing devices.
  • Use as a remote control for your hearing instruments
  • Switch between TV, landline phone and cell phone at the touch of a button
  • Easy plug and play connections

ConnectLine TV Adaptor

The ConnectLine TV adaptor lets you share the TV experience

Attractive and unobtrusive, this small adaptor connects to the audio output of any TV and runs on its own power supply. It is easy to install. You will enjoy high quality sound with new freedom. So relax – hear the score, get the news or never miss a punch line while pouring a cup of coffee from the kitchen. The ConnectLine TV adaptor has a range up to 30 ft. With Streamer, you adjust your preferred volume while the family adjusts the volume on the TV. Enjoy an added benefit- You won’t be cut off from the conversation unless you choose to be. You are in control – not the technology.

TV Advantages:

  • Eliminates echo and lip synch issues
  • Listen at YOUR preferred volume level without disturbing others
  • Connects to any TV output audio jack
  • Has its own power supply
  • Has a transmission range of 30 feet

ConnectLine Phone Adaptor

No need to replace your current phone. The small adaptor connects in parallel to your existing phone, tuning it into a Bluetooth phone. The phone adaptor sends the phone signal wirelessly to Streamer and it transmits up to 30 ft. Enjoy hearing on the phone through both ears and being hands free. Imagine – the phone rings in your hearing instruments and you answers it with a simple push of a button on your streamer!

Landline Phone Advantages:

  • Use existing landline phone
  • No missed calls
  • Easy to install
  • Has a transmission range of 30 feet
  • Excellent alternative for persons with mobility issues
The two ear advantage makes Cell Phone use possible

Whether walking on a busy street or driving in your car – using a cell phone with hearing aids can be challenging. Streamer works with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. So even in difficult listening situations on the go – you will have the advantage.

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