For years, people who experienced chronic and/or severe tinnitus have tried everything from acupuncture to drug therapy to try to stop the persistent noises they hear. But now the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment lets you relieve these symptoms and reclaim your life.

The Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment is not Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). It’s not a hearing aid, nor a tinnitus masker. It’s a new, global breakthrough in tinnitus treatment.

The Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment:

Treatment Plan:

A small, lightweight Oasis™ device with headphones delivers precisely designed music embedded with a pleasant acoustic neural stimulus. These sounds, customized for each user’s Audiological profile, stimulate the auditory pathway to promote neural plastic changes. Over time, these new connections help the brain to filter out tinnitus disturbance, providing long-term relief from symptoms.

The Neuromonics treatment occurs over approximately 6 months, with many reporting some relief immediately. Throughout the treatment process, education and support are provided by a Neuromonics-trained Audiologist.

Before any treatment begins, a specially trained audiologist will meet with you to evaluate your tinnitus and hearing. After assessing your Audiological profile, the audiologist will then discuss which treatment options are most appropriate for you, and whether the Neuromonics treatment can help.

If you both agree that Neuromonics can help, you will be fitted with the Oasis™ device. The device delivers an acoustic stimulus that is embedded in precisely designed relaxing music, and delivered at a low listening level. The stimulus is customized to your individual prescription, based on your Audiological profile.

First things first…

The initial stage helps relieve symptoms so that you can begin to experience control over your tinnitus while continuing treatment. The Oasis™ device is worn for at least two hours per day (or longer, if preferred) during daily activities like reading, preparing meals or at the office. This stage typically lasts about 2 months.

What comes next…

The goal of Stage 2 is to help the brain develop those neural connections that allow it to filter out tinnitus sounds. When this happens, relief continues even without regular use of the Oasis™ device. In this stage, the device is used for at least 2 hours per day initially. Treatment times are then gradually reduced as tinnitus disturbance lessens. This stage of treatment typically lasts about 4 months.

Then what?

After a successful treatment program, your Neuromonics Audiologist will work with you to develop a maintenance program you can use to continue to control your tinnitus on your own. Many people do not feel the need to use the device after treatment. Those who do typically use it for short periods of time to help them maintain the benefits achieved.

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