April 16 is World Voice Day!

World Voice Day is a worldwide annual event to celebrate the voice and its vast impact on people’s daily lives. It is a day of recognition to encourage all of those who use their voice for a business or pleasure to learn the importance of taking care of their voice and know when to seek help when needed.  This year’s theme is One World, Many Voices. During these challenging times, we have been socially distanced but not vocally distanced.

Recognition of World Voice Day emphasizes you assess your vocal health and take action for good voice habits.

Did you know an estimated 7.5 million people have disorders of the voice?  Many people use their voices for their work, putting them at the highest risk of voice disorders. These professions include singers, teachers, telemarketers, lawyers, broadcast journalists, salespeople, and trainers.

Common Tips for maintaining a healthy voice:
  • Stay hydrated. Drink approximately eight glasses of water a day or until your urine is clear in color. Caffeine and alcohol are substances that can dehydrate the body. A general rule of thumb is 2 cups of water per cup of alcohol or caffeinated beverage.
  • Take vocal rests throughout the day. Allow 20 minutes of no talking at a time. How? Tell as many people as you can that you are not talking for some time, use social media or phone to communicate, meditate, rest your voice during your commute home rather than talking on your mobile phone or Bluetooth device.
  • Don’t talk too loud and avoid yelling or screaming. Use a sound meter to monitor how loud you are speaking at home and work. Speaking above 80dB is considered vocal misuse.
  • When sick, pay attention to your voice. If it is hoarse, then reduce talking time and loudness.
  • Vocal warm-up before talking or singing
  • Eliminate smoking or oral tobacco use.

You may present with voice problems for many reasons. Receiving an evaluation form the Texas Center of Voice team consists of an evaluation from Dr. Mary Es Anderson and the voice speech pathologist, Angie Galatas. The benefits can include improved treatment outcomes and needing fewer visits.

If you have hoarseness or voice issues, contact the Texas Center of Voice team today!

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