Vestibular Migraine

What is a vestibular migraine?

People who suffer from chronic dizziness may be suffering from Vestibular Migraine. This condition involves a sense of disequilibrium rather than vertigo. Disequilibrium is a feeling that either the patient or the environment is swaying. Most patients describe it as “unsteadiness.” It is a sense of slow, rotational movement of one’s surrounding which can be mild or debilitating. The sensation can last from seconds to weeks and has a wide variety of manifestations. The exact neurological pathways responsible for a vestibular migraine are not completely understood.

How is vestibular migraine treated?

Treatments include observation, vestibular physical therapy or medical therapy. The medical therapies designed to treat vestibular migraine are the same medications used as prophylactic therapy for migraine headaches.

By Joseph Chang, MD


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