Prepping Your Children for the Outdoors

Summer is the time to get outside and play! But it’s also when Ear, Nose, and Throat issues rear their ugly heads for many of our kids. What are those common ENT issues that you may face with your children during the summer?  Read on to learn more…

Swimmer’s Ear

With the record heat wave this summer it’s time to get in the pool! But did you know outer ear infections increase five-fold during the summer months and are often caused by water in the ear? Symptoms include severe ear pain, fever, ear drainage, and loss of hearing. The great news is that there are simple preventative steps that can decrease the risk of outer ear infections. These include thoroughly drying the ears and avoiding trauma from cotton swabs. For recurrent issues, specialty ear plugs can help as well. If your child does develop an outer ear infection, it’s important to be evaluated by one of our physicians promptly, who can help quickly get your child back to enjoying summer!

Nose and Throat

Itchy eyes, scratchy throat, congested nose, sneezing? No parent wants to see their child suffering from allergies instead of enjoying the Texas outdoors. The great news is that there are solutions! The first step is visiting an ENT doctor for a thorough allergy evaluation. Thankfully, there is a wide-range of effective allergy treatment options for kids.  These range from simple sinus rinses and medications, to immune therapy that can be done at home (or on vacation!) without the need for weekly office visits and shots.

When you have these summertime ENT issues use our Online Appointment Request to see a Board Certified Ear Nose and Throat Specialist in one of our 16 locations.

This article was provided by Dr. Daniel Fox, who loves enjoying summer with his two boys.

Dr. Fox sees patients in our Katy Methodist and Katy Memorial offices.

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