Should You Get Sinus Surgery?

Corinna Rios is not a native Texan, and when she moved from North Carolina, she started to experience a lot of allergy-related issues that turned into sinus issues. Perhaps it’s ironic that she’s a Texas ENT employee, but it allowed her to be on the front lines of what to do about it.


Rios laments that after her move, she had “sinus infection, after sinus infection, after sinus infection. I had been allergy tested twice, I was taking the drops, but my issues wouldn’t resolve. I really tried to avoid surgery.”


Then real life happened: “This past year, I had twins. I was maxed out, and I decided that I had to do it.” She called TXENT physician, Dr. Raney, who suggested that it was time to get surgery. “So I bit the bullet and scheduled it.”


Surgery is a scary word, but Rios claims that the surgery itself “isn’t that bad.” The pre-nerves were worth it because when it was all said and done, Rios exclaimed, “I can breathe again! I’m not congested. I was always congested in the evenings and got sinus infections when the weather turned rainy, but the surgery fixed all of that.” The most uncomfortable part of the experience was post-operative: “There was no pain, but the only way I can describe it is that it felt tight. A lot of pressure.” 


The procedure itself only took 3-4 hours. It’s an outpatient surgery, so Rios was able to go home the same day. Dr. Raney also took care of Rios’ deviated septum during the procedure. You can’t beat a two for one deal! The recovery process wasn’t too laborious as well: “It’s not bad at all. I highly recommend it to anyone who has experienced as many sinus issues as I have to go and just do it.” She exclaimed again, “I can breathe!”


The entire process took one week. Rios is a believer: “I recommend it for anyone who has allergies and chronic sinus issues. People are scared to go under, but the recovery was really easy. The relief is amazing.”

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