Surviving the Cold

It is unbelievable that we have made it to the end of January. Why does the first month of the new year feel like it has 78 days? There is something about winter that feels never-ending. For some reason, June, July, and August fly by, but the colder months drag as if weighed down by some mysterious seasonal force. 

Then there is the weather. Texas is a fickle state. Fickle and big. We can go from 75 degrees on Christmas Eve to below 40 by Christmas morning. It’s a cruel joke by Mother Nature. Sure, hot is uncomfortable, but cold is painful. And in Texas, right when you think there is a reprieve, the cold rolls back in.

Cold fatigue is real. It’s fun to don sweaters and big fluffy scarves, but there’s a shelf life. Winter equals baggage – layers upon layers of clothing. I know when I’m pulling on an undershirt, regular shirt, sweater, and jacket, I often think, “I cannot wait to put on a sundress and sandals and be done with it.”

So how do we survive the remaining days of chilly weather? I offer some advice – remember August. Think about walking outside and immediately needing a shower. Reminisce about the humidity hitting your hair, turning it into a puffball. Think of armpits, knee pits, all of the pits! 

Summer, and all of its discomfort, will be here soon enough. The hot car seats, smelly kids, and torrential thunderstorms are right around the corner. Once you come to that realization, may I suggest that you join me in the zenness of right now? Enjoy the layers, the fireplace, and a warm soup at lunch. Sure, the cold can be painful, but with the right attitude, you can learn to appreciate the hardship.

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