Disorders of the Skull Base

At the Texas Ear Center, we are committed to providing our patients the latest techniques in diagnosis and treatment of skull base tumors. In conjunction with the University of Texas – Houston and Memorial Hermann Hospital Skull Base Program, comprehensive management including medical, skull base surgery, radiation including sterotactic radiosurgery (gamma knife), and rehabilitation is provided.

Tumors of the Skull Base

The skull base is an area that includes the regions around the brain stem, temporal bone, and upper spine. Tumors that arise in these areas are difficult to access by surgery and therefore require a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. The surgical team will typically include an otolaryngologist and neurosurgeon who both specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of skull base disorders.

What is the Evaluation Process?

Patients with ear disorders undergo a full ear, nose and throat evaluation. In addition, they may be given a hearing test to produce an audiogram or an imaging test such as a MRI or CT scan. Based on the medical evaluation, the treatment options for the hearing loss will be presented to you.

Skull Base Disorders

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