The Pitfalls of Dating

If you’re a singleton, like me, you know all about the pitfalls of modern dating. For example, bars are now places one frequents to sit in a quiet corner with friends. There is no co-mingling. How antiquated! If you want to get your flirt on, take it to the app store like everyone else. 

Then, of course, there’s the awful practice of dealing with scheduling. In today’s world, personal calendars look like candy-coated financial spreadsheets. Attempting to match schedules with a prospective paramour is as difficult as trying to get in a teeth cleaning before school starts. It’s practically impossible. 

Add on a food allergy to your dating life, and you may be deemed a pariah. I once went on a date while I attempted a gluten/dairy/sugar cleanse. It did not go well. After explaining my health concerns, I noticed his subtle eye roll in the dimly lit Mexican restaurant and thought I’d charm him with my wit instead. I never heard from him again.

As an advanced dater, I have done a lot of analytical studies about the practice. Some of my findings have left me perplexed – some hopeful. What I do know to be true is love is weird, who cares what other people think of you, and LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT EXCUSES. 

If you suffer from an allergy that makes dating a bit more challenging than the average bachelor/ette, grab life by the tail and say, “Deal with it.” Be confident in your individuality, even if that means you can’t have the charcuterie plate. Desperation is a stinky cologne, but do you know what’s sexy and irresistible? Confidence. Go out there and be confident about your lactose intolerance (or any issue). Even if you don’t catch yourself a mate, you’ll find peace with yourself. And that’s sexy.

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