Vacation in the Time of Covid-19

March is an awesome month for a lot of reasons: St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, Earth Day… But the most important March event has to be Spring Break. What is it about the spring holiday that gets everyone excited? Is it the prelude to summer? The countdown to the end of the school year? The gluttony? 

Even if you’re an adult who no longer enjoys the mandated week off, you can enjoy Spring Break like a student gearing up for the end of a long haul. Granted, this year has some added worries. Covid-19 has many travelers grounded until the coast is clear. Does this mean that Spring Break is canceled? Heck no. Here’s how a staycation Spring Break can be just what the doctor ordered.

Just because you’re not jetting off to a foreign land does not mean you can’t have a great time. Although crowded spaces are not encouraged, that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize local parks for some outdoor fun. Pack a picnic, go on a long hike, or drive to a beach for a fun free day out in the sun.

Use the week as a time to discover something new. Go on a restaurant tour with friends and family. Learn to make bread from scratch. Attend that Pilates class you’ve been dying to try.

Start a project – and finish it. Maybe it’s time to paint the porch. You finally have time to plant that vegetable garden. How about reorganizing your closet! You’ll feel so accomplished at the end of the week.

Feel like staying in? Not a problem. Have a camp-out in your living room. The kids can build a fort with the couch cushions, and you can roast marshmallows on the gas stove. S’mores anyone?

Do a family binge-watching session. View Star Wars in its entirety. Can you fit in every Pixar movie in one week? We challenge you. 

Too much TV, you say? Break out the board games. Teach the little ones gin rummy. Get into teams and annihilate one other with your charade skills. Don’t forget Pictionary. Connecting with each other through competition strengthens bonds. 

And of course, if you choose to be around others, wash your hands like it’s your job. 

Although it’s important to take care of your physical health, don’t let your mental health suffer. Humans need a little downtime, and a virus shouldn’t completely hinder you from some relaxation.

Don’t stress, and please WASH YOUR HANDS. We cannot stress this enough.

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