Wherefore Art Thou Sleep?

Sleep. It’s so important to a human’s physical and mental health. But for some people, sleep is an elusive beast. Why are some capable of falling asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow while others stare at the ceiling, praying for the REMs to begin? How can some people sleep the whole night through while others get up countless times to use the bathroom, only to be plagued with insomnia for the remainder of the night? What is it with sleep?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has a lot of people wondering what to do with all of their forced free-time at home. How about work on your sleeping habits? We have all of the time to figure it out, so let’s use the time wisely.

Why should you make better sleep a priority? First of all, it’s an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep enables the body to repair itself. Your body has fewer demands and can repair muscles, organs, and cells.

Overeating is a worry during these shut-in times. Sleep can lower your weight gain risk. Let’s face it, when you’re asleep you’re not consuming calories, and your body is in repair mode. Both factors lead to a healthier, and thinner, lifestyle. 

It is not a big mystery that sleep enhances productivity and concentration. Most humans can relate to a bad night’s sleep coupled with a busy next day. It is downright miserable. While most of us now work from home, with children, spouses, and roommates in close quarters, it’s imperative to keep your concentration on high alert during the workweek. 

One of the most important side effects of sleep is that it helps prevent depression. Some people enjoy the social distancing, but for a lot of people, the lack of human contact is difficult. It’s easy to get sad and lonely during such an unprecedented time. Get the extra sleep, and don’t feel guilty about it.

We’re going to devote the month of April to sleep. Why is it important? What is insomnia? How can you sleep with a snorer? We’ll even check out some cool sleep accessories to help you make this month the most well-rested of the year – thus far.

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